Childhood trauma: the game!

Nanjemoy is the swarming lawn mower game you’ll itch to explore.

Growing up in southern Maryland, USA, in the early summer, the deerflies were horrible. Epically horrible. They’d swarm you the moment you stepped out of your house and try to bite any piece of exposed skin. I have a vivid memory of being chased back inside the house and two dozen of them covering our sliding glass door trying to follow. Then, came the horseflies (pictured in the banner image), who are even bigger bloodsuckers and have much meaner bites. My parents would have us do outside chores (like mowing our three acre property) and it was miserable. So, I’ve long had in the back of my mind a game where you fight off oversized biting insects while trying to accomplish quests around a level modeled off our old property.

The first completely playable and completable prototype of Nanjemoy has published! You can download the game here:

I’ve also got a quick video about the game and my rough plans for it going forward:

If you play it, please let me know and tell me your thoughts! The full shape of this game isn’t yet formed and I’d love to hear about your experience.