Wolverine: The Long Night

A long drive for work today meant I could finally listen to the Wolverine: The Long Night podcast produced by Marvel and Stitcher. It’s really, really good.

Wolverine: The Long Night deals with changing perspectives and exposition like few audio pieces I’ve experienced. Often in fictional audio stories you get characters clumsily describing something because obviously you, the listener, can’t see it, but this series does a remarkable job covering those moments up with little scene shifts.

Wolverine: The Long Night had very few weak moments for me and really my only complaint is that they do an immersive sound thing with characters moving away from the microphones a lot to communicate distance, which wasn’t always the best experience when listening aloud through car speakers. I’m sure it’s amazing with headphones. I hadn’t realized but there’s a Season 2 launching soon– I guess I picked the right time to catch up! Don’t let the whole X-Man thing chase you off– it’s a great story.

It took me so long to listen to Wolverine: The Long Night because a story told in an audio format like this is hard to find space for in my regular schedule. I want to pay attention to every moment which means I can’t just play it anywhere or anytime. I subscribe to many, many podcasts and for most of them, if I get distracted for a few moments and miss what they’re talking about, it’s not a big deal. I wish I could listen to more of these scripted fictional pieces but it’s rare that I’m trapped in a place where I can offer my undivided attention. On other drives and/or plane flights I’ve adored Bubble, S-Town (not actually fiction but it may as well be…), and the Sandra podcast. A full season of Homecoming sits on my phone admonishing me. I guess I’ll tackle that one on my next work trip… right after this new, incoming season of Wolverine, that is.

Any other scripted podcasts you’ve enjoyed? I’d like to make my list even more overwhelming.