Turns out it’s a good thing to put yourself out there. After last appearing on the GeoGearHeads Podcast a friend of mine, knowing that I love geolocation gaming, connected me with Darren Smith, the creator of Traipse, an app. We got to talking and now I’m picking up work with Traipse as “Creative Content Designer,” helping to figure out Traipse’s massive treasure hunt promotion and other puzzles. I wrote a blog post over on Traipse’s website explaining my new categorization system for geolocation gaming and where the app falls within that structure.

One of the most interesting aspects of coming onto the Traipse team is being a part of the behind the scenes work to grow a geolocation game. I’ve played dozens of these sorts of games and while I stand by my criticisms of many of those, I have a new perspective into how hard it is to create such a thing. It occurred to me that other folks might like to hear about the trials and tribulations of creating this kind of app so I reached out to the GeoGearHeads podcast once again. Darren and I were guests of the show last week and you can watch the livestream of the episode or listen to it on their podcast feed, here.