Samorost: How a Flash game should be done

Samorost 1 and 2 are adventure Flash games designed by Amanita Design, a Czech independent game developer.  They follow a space man of sorts who lives on a mossy asteroid.  In the first game he’s trying to save his home from a collision with another asteroid and in the second game his dog has been kidnapped by aliens. 


Samorost 1 and 2 have great soundtracks and an amazing art design.  My complete lack of knowledge of artistic styles limits my ability to accurately describe the games.  They’re pretty.  Interacting with the environment is a large part of the fun in these games. 


The puzzles in the games require that you click on objects in specific ways and in a particular order.  All of the puzzles are very logical but not always very easy.  Sometimes a bit of pixel-hunting is involved but never to the point of ridiculousness. 


Samorost 1 is free and the first half of the second game is as well.  The second half of the second game costs $5.  After buying it I was a little disappointed.  It was just as fun as the first part but not nearly as long as I would have liked.  But it only cost $5 so it’s not a loss in any sense.  I don’t mind helping out the indie developer put out some more work, especially if it continues to be at such quality.