The Blog Apocalypse.



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Ugh. Years ago when I was first thinking of starting a blog I stupidly signed up to have my domains hosted by GoDaddy since it was the only registrar I had heard of. I guess those gross Super Bowl commercials worked. I’ve pretty much hated it ever since but never bothered to change registrars out of lazy inertia.

Last week without notice GoDaddy shuttered their blog hosting platform I was using. Three years of blog posts GONE. After an angry phone call with their customer service I managed to save’s RSS feed.

I was able to import my old posts from that RSS feed thank goodness. The images seem to still be loading for the moment but the customer service agent at GoDaddy warned me that wouldn’t last.

This stinks.

If there’s any silver lining it’s that I had tired of the “zombie” theme of my old blog. I had been wanting to start fresh with this new domain anyway and as soon as my contract with GoDaddy is up I’m going to migrate to a registrar that’s less gross.

Thanks for reading.

—Austin (formerly of