Murderworld, a text adventure by PatientRock


Thank you testing my game!

You can download the file below.

As with most pieces of interactive fiction you will need an interpreter to run that file. What interpreter is the “best” to use is a subject to roils interactive fiction communities to this day, but I personally am fine with the Windows flavor of Glulxe which can be downloaded here.

A few things:

  • The transcript of you playing the game is the most important thing I need. Copy and paste into a .txt file and email me: Some interpreters like the aforementioned Glulxe have a feature that make that easier. Go to “Glulxe” in the menu bar and click “Scrollback”. Then there will be a button to copy the whole transcript.
  • Bear in mind that for a lot of interpreters, when you save the game, quit, and come back later, the transcript erases. Be sure to copy that transcript if you play over a couple sessions.
  • For this initial round of testing, I’m looking to hear your thoughts about how the prologue and first chapter (the Mansion) play. I have a lot of NPCs moving around on different tracks, and with six playable characters, I’ve bound to have missed some uncommon interaction. Also, of course, letting me know about issues with puzzles, typos, and other random thoughts are appreciated.
  • At any point in the game, if you lead your command with punctuation, you can type in a comment that I’ll see in the transcript and it won’t “waste” a game turn. So, for instance, “? there’s a misspelling here” will flag that spot in the transcript with your note.