Where We Remain

I wanted to take the time this week to promote a game some friends at Twofold Secret have made.  Granted, Chris and Joel probably comprise half of my readership but I wanted to put it out there just the same. 

Where We Remain is a browser game designed using Flixel.  Though, unlike most browser games, it’s not one to be played at work when your boss isn’t looking.  You need to be able to invest a little time into the game-and it is best with the sound turned on– so maybe play on your lunch break.   It’s not that Where We Remain takes a lot of time to play but you won’t do yourself or the game justice if you don’t give it your full attention.  Go play so I don’t spoil the game for you.


The first time I played I had no idea what to expect or what the game was about.  I found myself on an island and came across a note from the woman I love.  She’s trapped in a cave on the island and warns that I’m in danger.  Foolishly ignoring her words telling me to hide, I started moving about the world and like any well-trained video game player, making collecting flowers my priority.  I didn’t know what they were for, but it seemed like the thing to do.  Her note said that those who intended to harm me were coming but since I didn’t see any threat on the screen I figured I had the time to run if trouble showed. 

A few moments later the screen began to darken and a distant rumbling began to sound.  Now beginning to worry, my love’s advice began to sink in – I should probably start looking for somewhere to hide.  It was too late.  A loud claxon of deep brass sounded and a writhing cloud of calamity broke onto the screen.  I fruitlessly ran in the opposite direction and was promptly engulfed and killed by the great mass.

Subsequent games were a blur of running to sanctuaries, hiding in caves, and dying whenever cornered in the open.  Harassed and on the run from the spirits who prowled the island, I stopped only to read the notes scattered throughout the land. 

Where We Remain does a great job instilling terror with such a simple presentation.  Your only hope is to stay near known caves while you look for the cave where your love is trapped.  Venturing into the open without nearby shelter is a great risk.  Various items can be found in caves that will help your search and your ability to stay out of the reach of the malevolent spirits.  Game play aside, I enjoyed piecing together the story of the place and finding a deeper meaning in the search for the woman I love. 

This is great work by Chris and Joel.  They made a game with a lot of intensity using a medium that doesn’t typically have a lot of depth.  Between the randomly generated elements of the island, different difficulty levels, and multiple endings, Where We Remain is a nice challenge.   Play the game, and if you like what you see, be sure to help spread the word.