Tiny Robots Who Can’t Love



After playing Spooks I very much wanted to play another game by Erin “The Ivy” Robinson
.  The independent game developer’s other work is called Nanobots.


Nanobots is a puzzle/point-and-click adventure game where you control six tiny robots.  The robots’ creator, Groovy Greg, built them for a school project with a goal to build robots who can love.  He soon finds that his Nanobots not only are terrible at loving but are quick to fight each other.  Mid-despair, Groovy Greg is approached by his professor who is building his own love-bot and secretly seeks to destroy the Nanobots.  Professor Killfun volunteers to keep an eye on the Nanobots while Groovy Greg takes a needed break.  About to smash the tiny robots with his fist, the professor is distracted by freshly brewed coffee and vows to return once he fills his mug.  The Nanobots must figure out a way to work together and get off the desk to escape destruction.


Each nanobot has its own skill – Strongbot can push things, Chembot can handle deadly chemicals, Tallbot can stretch to reach things, etc.  You must use each of their skills to figure a way off the desk.

Like Spooks, Nanobots has The Ivy’s great sense of humor.  Each robot has a funny personality and the game is very entertaining.  This game is significantly harder than Spooks and at times gave me a pleasant challenge.  It’s about the right amount of length as well.  The graphics are pretty good for an indie release.  There’s very little sound but I didn’t find that to be a problem. 


The fact that the game is free makes Nanobots well worth the download.