Polyflora and fauna

I needed to be in a certain place before I could start up Polyfauna. I needed to be a little tired, a little melancholic, and a little more open than usual. I have a trilobite fossil that I found while digging in a rock quarry. Polyfauna is how I imagine that little creature’s ancient sea world existed, full of whirling, swirling eddies of oddly-jointed, barely-sentient life.

This is sooo Radiohead I thought as I drew floating centipedes with my finger. They skittered and floated past me.

That red dot hangs in the corner of my periphery, scooting, beeping out of my vision, but never too far from me when I want to move on. I don’t want to move on just yet, this little valley sounds so good. 

Polyfauna Radiohead

Polyfauna is an app for mobile devices developed by the band Radiohead and by Universal Everything. You explore an abstract and changing world while listening to ambient music. It was everything I wanted tonight.

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