Never Trust Undead Carnies

I recently came across an adventure game called Spooks.  It was made by independent game designer, Erin “The Ivy” Robinson: 


It’s very much the classic point-and-click adventure game.  You play as a ghoul girl, Mortia who lives in the Land of the Dead and who visits a dysfunctional carnival.  After playing a game of darts she wins a goldfish that happens to be alive.  The horror!  She then has to figure out how to save her new pet, now named Spooks, and find out what exactly “alive” means.


I had a lot of fun playing this game.  It has a great sense of humor, good wit and is very well made.  It’s the third game I’ve played that uses the Adventure Game Studio engine ( and the engine once again shows that creative people with little game design experience can make great things.


Spooks isn’t terribly difficult or long but after playing the game I found that neither of those things were shortcomings.  It has more than enough character to make it feel like a full experience.  If you like adventure games in any sense you really should play this game.  The fact that it’s free makes it even better: