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Beauty and Violence

Steam sales are an evil, evil thing. Games that I’m only slightly interested in suddenly become attractive thanks to their limited-time-only rock bottom price. I’ve been repeatedly seduced into buying games that I don’t really have time to play and sadly have amassed a nice collection of un-played blockbusters.
No more. I’ve made it my goal to start getting through these games and not let those purchases go to waste. One of those untouched games I’ve picked up is Far Cry 2.

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Drunken Delusions

Not too long ago I started playing the indie developed adventure game Snakes of Avalon but initially didn’t get very far. The game was over for me when, after a few minutes in, the main character had a dialogue with a poster on the wall of a bar. Later, feeling guilty about my aborted session with Snakes of Avalon, I gave the game another shot and powered through the first bit of it, resigned to the fact that things were going to get weird and that perhaps I’d find meaning from it all later.

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