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Almost late for work: helping dead people

I typically get up in the morning earlier than I really have to so I don’t need to rush about before work. That way I have time to sip my coffee, surf the internet a tad, and maybe get in a few minutes of video game playing before having to start my pre-work routine. Lately my routine has been thrown off and I’ve found myself hurrying to get out the door. …

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Telltale's Wallace and Gromit

From Claymation to Pixelation

Wallace and Gromit are a British stop-motion clay duo who have starred in numerous film shorts, a full length feature film, a few video games, and who have quite a following. Without spending too much time describing them, they are very funny, and if you haven’t seen their films, I highly recommend that you do. Their comedic style is very light and highly accessible. …

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