Author: PatientRock

Drunken Delusions

Not too long ago I started playing the indie developed adventure game Snakes of Avalon but initially didn’t get very far. The game was over for me when, after a few minutes in, the main character had a dialogue with a poster on the wall of a bar. Later, feeling guilty about my aborted session with Snakes of Avalon, I gave the game another shot and powered through the first bit of it, resigned to the fact that things were going to get weird and that perhaps I’d find meaning from it all later.

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One Year Old

It’s hard to believe that Zombie Apocalypse is one year old. It feels like it went by quickly but then I look back at my first couple posts and realize a year really has passed.
This site arose from a series of events; though frankly getting me to start a blog where I talk about games wasn’t going to take a lot of convincing. …

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